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A New Kind of Orthopedic Care is in Town... OrthoNOW! An After Hours Walk-In Program

Immediate care for sprains, breaks, dislocations and sports injuries.

Avoid ER delays and copays!
Get specialty care right away!


  • Sprains and Strains
  • Fractures/Possible Fractures
  • Sports Related Injuries
  • Minor Dislocations
  • Injuries that do not require stitches
  • Cast or wound dressing problems

For more serious injuries such as open fractures, spine injuries, head trauma, please go directly to a hospital emergency room. OrthoNOW! is not for chronic orthopedic problems, second opinions or pain medication refills.

MON - FRI 5:00pm - 8:30pm
SAT 9:00am - 2:30pm
6620 Fly Road, East Syracuse
at the
Upstate Bone & Joint Center
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OrthoNow: After-Hours Care in Syracuse

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Questions not listed?

Please feel free to contact us at 1-855-ORTHONOW

What is OrthoNOW!?

OrthoNOW! was the first after hours walk-in clinic located in Syracuse. The clinic is located in East Syracuse at the Upstate Bone & Joint Center. OrthoNOW! provides immediate care for sprains, breaks, dislocations and sports injuries. No appointment is necessary. You can simply walk in and be seen during our hours of operation. OrthoNOW! is equipped with in-house digital x-ray to help treat and diagnose your injury.

MRI and CT services are conveniently located at the Upstate Bone & Joint Center but are not available during regular OrthoNOW! hours. These services typically require insurance authorization and can be coordinated as part of the follow-up care.

What are the Hours of Operation for OrthoNOW!?

Monday through Friday: 5 pm to 8:30 pm
Saturday: 9 am to 2:30 pm

How do I determine if I need OrthoNOW! versus an emergency room?

The OrthoNOW! program treats non-emergent injuries like broken bones, sprains, minor dislocations, and sports related injuries. While these injuries may seem emergent, they do not require a trip to the emergency room; however, if you have a life threatening injury, an open fracture, excessive bleeding, head trauma or spine injuries, you should immediately proceed to your nearest emergency room.

Is OrthoNOW! like an "urgent care"?

OrthoNOW! is just like an urgent care center. While urgent care clinics treat many different illnesses and injuries, OrthoNOW! is specifically dedicated to caring for urgent orthopedic injuries. OrthoNOW! was established to provide immediate care to patients needing orthopedic care. The program helps reduce the long wait times, high co-pays, and avoids the unneeded referral to our orthopedic specialists.

What insurance is accepted at OrthoNOW!?

OrthoNOW! accepts MOST major insurances. If you have a question regarding your plan, please feel free to call us at 1-855-ORTHONOW or 1-855-678-4666.

What is the co-pay? Is it due at our visit?

OrthoNOW! charges the same co-pay as a doctor’s office, which is generally cheaper than an emergency room co-pay. If your plan requires a co-pay, it will be collected at the time of your visit.

Does OrthoNOW! treat children and adults?

OrthoNOW! treats patients of all ages, whether your child was hurt at sports practice, or if you slipped and fell on the ice. OrthoNOW! specializes in the treatment of orthopedic injuries for all age groups.

Who are the healthcare professionals staffing OrthoNOW!?

OrthoNOW! is staffed by board certified orthopedic providers. All members of the OrthoNOW! team are specialty trained in orthopedic injuries and offer expert care for everything orthopedic. The program is specifically staffed by Physicians Assistant or Nurse Practitioner, an orthopedic surgeon as well as nursing and x-ray personnel.

Who do I follow up with after my OrthoNOW! visit?

By coming directly to OrthoNOW! who have immediate access to orthopedic specialists if follow up care is required. Our staff will coordinate an appointment for you with our providers prior to you leaving our clinic. This program offers a continuum of care starting with your OrthoNOW! visit after hours through follow up care provided in our office. Of course, you always have the option of being seen by an alternate provider of your choice.

Will OrthoNOW! notify my family doctor of my visit?

The providers at OrthoNOW! will complete a clinic note documenting the care and treatment you received at your OrthoNOW! visit. This information will be forwarded to your family doctor or primary care physician upon finalization and completion.

What if I need an emergent care during normal business hours?

The specialists at Upstate Orthopedics offer same day and next appointments during our daytime hours for urgent orthopedic care. If you need immediate care for sprains, breaks, dislocations or sports injuries before the OrthoNOW! hours, we would be happy to see you in our office. Please call 315-464-8600 to schedule an appointment.