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"We weren't understood until we were at Upstate Orthopedics."

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Ewa's Testimonial

"There's this connection here. They don't just focus on what's wrong  they want to know more about who you ARE."

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Mike's Testimonial

"There was never a moment where we were talked to like there wasn't time for us."

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Scotty's Testimonial

"Years into recovery, Sara holds her newborn son in the very arm that others said couldn't be saved."

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Sara's Testimonial

East Syracuse, NY Orthopedics

At our Bone and Joint center on Fly Road in East Syracuse, orthopedics is not only about the treatment, prevention and correction of orthopedic injuries or disorders. At Upstate Orthopedics, “orthopedics” means “quality care.” From the smallest fracture to multiple issues resulting from a traumatic injury, we help get you back to a pain-free, normal life. Our Syracuse orthopedic practice consists of a team of experienced doctors, surgeons, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners specializing in all aspects of orthopedic care and recovery. When patients come to our practice, our goal is to better understand their clinical complaint and align them with the best surgeon to treat the patient based on the surgeon’s expertise. We even have the flexibility to combine surgeon expertise when patients present with multiple orthopedic conditions crossing into several orthopedic sub-specialists to make sure they receive the best care available for all of their conditions.

At Upstate Orthopedics, you’ll get the attentive, expert care that makes all the difference. Our patients appreciate their results from our Syracuse orthopedics medical facility. Call us today for an appointment.

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