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William Lavelle, MD



Adult and Pediatric Spine Surgery/Scoliosis Surgery

Education and Training

Premedical: Wilkes University 94 - 98
Medical School: MCP Hahnemann University School of Medicine 98-02
Residency: Albany Medical Center 02-07
Fellowship: Cleveland Clinic 07-08

Board Certifications

Board Certified, American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons

Hospital Privileges

Upstate University Hospital
Crouse Memorial Hospital
Upstate Orthopedics Ambulatory Surgery Center

Professional Organizations

American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery
Scoliosis Research Society
North American Spine Society
Chest Wall and Spinal Deformity Study Group


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Lavelle W, Shovlin J, Drvaric D. Reliability of the Metaphyseal-Diaphyseal Angle in Tibia Vara as Measured on Digital Images by Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeons. Pediatr Orthop. 2008 Sep;28(6):695-8.

Lavelle WF, Demers Lavelle EA, Uhl R. Operative delay for orthopedic patients on clopidogrel (plavix): a complete lack of consensus. J Trauma. 2008 Apr;64(4):996-1000.

Lavelle WF, Khaleel MA, Cheney R, Demers E, Carl AL. Cheney R. Effect of kyphoplasty on survival after vertebral compression fractures. Spine J. 2008 Sep-Oct;8(5):763-9.

Lavelle W., Bell G. Cervical Myelopathy - Clinical History and Physical Examination. Seminars in Spine Surgery (2007) 19(1): p. 6-11.


Lavelle W, Lieberman I, Mroz T. Discetomy after Selective Nerve Root Blocks for Patients with a Lumbar Disc Herniation Number # 195398 North American Spine Society 23rd Annual Meeting in Toronto, Ontario, October 14-18, 2008.

Lavelle W, Karam M, Cheney R , Uhl R. Importance of Skeletal Scintigraphy in Preoperative Patient Evaluation for Kyphoplasty. American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in San Francisco , CA (podium presentation) Number # 535. 03/07/08 05:12 PM

Short Segment Fusion for Degenerative Scoliosis - Young Spine SurgeonsForum- North American Spine Society 23rd Annual Meeting in Toronto, Ontario, October 13, 2008.

Lavelle W, Evanchick K, Orr RD The Effect of Smoking on the Improvement in Pain Scores for Patients Undergoing Limited Transforaminal Lumbar Fusion Paper #52. Lumbar Spine Research Society  Chicago, IL April 2-3, 2009.

Demers E, Lavelle W, Youssef G, Monir-Soliman L, Goodwin R.. The Side Effects and Safety of Epidural Analgesia Following Pedatric Scoliosi Surgery. Society for Pediatric Anesthesia- Jacksonville, FL March 19-22, 2009.

Lavelle W, Mroz T, Steinmetz MD Lumbar Discectomy After Epidural Injection or Selective Nerve Root Blocks P. 50 - North American Spine Society Spine Across The Seas Meeting in Hawai USA, July 26-30, 2009.

Additional notes

Dr. Lavelle is an avid researcher in adult and pediatric spine surgery including Growing Spine Techniques such as the VEPTR (titanium rib) for early onset scoliosis. His interests also include adult and pediatric spinal cord injury, cervical kyphosis, adult and pediatric scoliosis, spinal osteotomy, and spinal outcomes research. He has recently been involved editing a textbook for release in 2010, IDIOPATHIC SCOLIOSIS: THE HARMS STUDY GROUP GUIDE TO EVALUATION AND TREATMENT.

Sports Medicine

John Cannizzaro, MD
Sports Medicine

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